AWS Learning Kit - 20 Mind Map to Master on AWS & 260 Questions with Answers (C)
  • AWS Learning Kit - 20 Mind Map to Master on AWS & 260 Questions with Answers (C)

AWS Learning Kit - 20 Mind Map to Master on AWS & 260 Questions with Answers (C)



Cloud Computing Market​

As AWS continues to dominate the Cloud Computing market, it is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to understand AWS and its capabilities. AWS holds a commanding 34% of the cloud computing market share, making it a powerful player in the industry. 
The sheer scale of AWS means that its offerings often make them an attractive choice for many businesses -- not only due to the company's technological prowess but also because they offer competitive pricing models allowing customers to pay only for what they use. AWS' growth rate continues to climb, with a reported 48% year-over-year growth in 2019. This is a testament to AWS’ importance as a cloud provider.

What should AWS matter to you?

Besides AWS being a big player in cloud computing, having AWS on your resume can be a boon to your career in technology, mainly if you are interested in cloud computing. AWS has become so pervasive that many businesses now require AWS experience as a prerequisite for specific IT roles. AWS skills and knowledge can also open up many job opportunities across various industries, such as healthcare, finance, retail, and more.
Moreover, AWS offers various certification programs to enhance your technical capabilities and showcase your deep understanding of AWS services. AWS certifications are globally recognized qualifications demonstrating mastery of AWS products, making it easier for employers to identify qualified candidates with essential AWS skills. As such, AWS certifications can be instrumental in boosting your career by providing tangible evidence that you have the knowledge and ability to work with AWS solutions. 


Are you ready?

 The sheer number of AWS services and complexities can be daunting for those new to AWS. AWS offers over 200 different services, each with its own particular nuances. This vast array of services and capabilities requires a keen mastery of AWS that can only come from in-depth learning or significant experience. 

Additionally, AWS has a steep learning curve due to the complex system architecture. AWS service configurations are very different from traditional on-premise deployments and require a comprehensive understanding of AWS core services such as EC2, S3, CloudFormation, and VPCs, to name a few. To make matters worse, AWS has frequent updates that can be confusing or hard to keep up with.

Don’t feel intimidated! With the right resources and helpful guidance, anyone is capable of mastering AWS to take advantage of its manifold advantages. That’s why we created the AWS Learning Kit – so that everyone can reap the rewards associated with this technology without feeling overwhelmed or scared.


Save Time and Reach Your Goals with the AWS Learning Kit

The AWS Learning Kit provides a significant advantage in terms of time. It is designed to help you maximize your learning time by providing an organized structure to the content, giving you access to key concepts quickly and easily. Moreover, the comprehensive coverage of topics covered by the Kit allows you to save time and stay up-to-date on all the newest developments in AWS technology. Finally, the Learning Kit includes real-world scenarios, enabling you to understand better how AWS works in practice. 


20 Mind Maps:


1- VPC

2- Simple Storage Service (S3)

3- EBS and EFS

4- Security

4.1 – AWS STS

4.2 – S3

4.3 – Certificate Manager

4.4 – IAM

4.5 – Parameter Store

4.6 – Secret Manager

4.7 – CloudHSM

4.8 – KMS

4.9 – CloudTrail

4.10 – AWS Shield

4.11 – AWS GuardDuty

4.12 – AWS Macie

4.13 – AWS Inspector

5- CloudWatch

6- AWS Databases

6.1 – DynamoDB

6.2 – RDS

6.3 – Aurora

6.4 – DynamoDB

7- EC2

8- Big Data

8.1 – ElasticSearch

8.2 – AWS Glue

8.3 – AWS Athena

8.4 – Redshift

8.5 – QuickSight

8.6 – EMR

9- AWS Migration

9.1 – Transfer Family

9.2 – Storage Gateway

9.3 – DataSync

9.4 – Migration Hub

10- Elastic Load Balance

10.1 – Classic

10.2 – Application

10.3 – Network

11- SQS

12- SNS

13- AWS Governance

13.1 – Trust Advisor

13.2 – Budget

13.3 – AWS Config

13.4 – Organization

13.5 – RAM

13.6 – AWS Directory Service

14- Route 53

15- Cache

15.1 – Global Accelarator

15.2 – Cloudfront

15.3 – Elastic Cache

15.4 – DAX

16- Identity and Access Management (IAM)

17- High Availability and Scaling

17.1 – Vertical / Horizontal Scaling

17.2 – Auto Scaling Group

18- Serverless

18.1 – EnventBridge

18.2 – EKS

18.3 – ECS

18.4 – Lambda

19- Automation

19.1 – OpsWorks

19.2 – CloudFormation

19.3 – Beanstalk

19.3 – System Manager

20-API Gateway



260 Questions​ with Answers


The 260 questions on the Kit belong to a group of 4 exams, with 65 questions each. The questions are based on real scenarios, like the official AWS exam. This will help you to be prepared for the certification exams. Furthermore, after each question and answer, you will have a small explanation to understand why one answer is correct and the others are not. This clarification will help you to be confident when you need to take the exam.









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